Split faced concrete blocks are a popular facing for vertical reinforced soil structures. Phi Group’s modular block system is called Titan, and can use either steel ladders or geogrid reinforcement. Phi Group offer a design, supply and installation service, but also have extensive experience in the installation of other block systems such as the Tensar or Tobermore products.

Common uses

Where levels are being raised on site to maximise development footprint
Highways widening schemes
Bridge abutments and wing walls
Where a robust durable solution is required


As the granular material is being placed in layers, reinforcement is incorporated within this material to provide additional strength. The type of reinforcement can vary depending on the facing type, but generally for modular back faced reinforced soil structures it will be geogrid. Phi Group’s Titan modular block system uses steel ladder reinforcement, which does have benefits over layers of geogrid, particularly if there is drainage or services required to the rear of the structure. The fill material is typically a 6I/6J granular material, but testing is required to prove suitability.


120 year design life with HAPAS Certification
Quick to install
Cost effective compared to traditional methods
Capable of accommodating high loads
Lower imposed loads than traditional methods, so better for marginal soil conditions