Aa a Keller company, Phi Group values our people above all else. Having a diverse workforce which reflects the communities in which we work is important to us.

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It provides us with a unique perspective of the projects to which we contribute and the people and cultures affected by those projects, allowing us to engage with all stakeholders in a fully collaborative and inclusive manner.

With more than 150 years of experience, a focus on EDI and SEE (Skills, Employment and Education) and an established sustainability strategy, Keller has a long and successful future ahead which will be based on the following values:

  • Fairness – valuing the contributions of our employees, other project contributors and the communities in which we work to ensure everyone’s voice is really heard and considered.
  • Respect – essentially, how we treat, support and care for our employees, clients, industry colleagues and communities.
  • Equality – ensuring everyone enjoys the same opportunities, feels equally valued and has a voice.
  • Diversity – having a workforce that reflects the communities in which we work and is accepting of other’s appearance and cultures.
  • Inclusion – having a workforce where all colleagues work together to achieve the same business goals.
  • Engagement - working with stakeholders throughout the planning, design, and construction process to propose and install the best solution for all each and every time.


After working with the National Centre for Diversity, Keller has achieved the Leaders in Diversity award and aims to create a truly diverse organisation which challenges itself to continually improve and provide opportunities for all.  

FREDIE is embedded within our culture, reflected in our people and their behaviours making it a truly great place to work and a company which clients want to work with.

It’s not just about getting the job done; we are committed to leaving a legacy by improving people’s lives, bringing communities together and leading the construction industry to provide sustained employment opportunities.

We welcome different ways of thinking, encourage innovation and aim to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels they are able to be themselves and raise new ideas.

It is a shared responsibility of everyone at Keller to make sure that our employment, management and leadership practices promote equal and inclusive practices, opportunities and treatment for all.