Phi Group’s Soil Panel system can provide an excellent aesthetically pleasing facing to soil nailed slopes, whilst also offering protection of the soil nail components. The soil panel can be either filled with seeded top soil for a natural green faced finish for slopes up to 60 degrees, or with graded stone for steeper slopes where long term growth is harder to establish. The stone filled option provides a maintenance free facing solution.

Illustration of soil nailing

Common uses

Facing to soil nailed or anchored slopes
Highways widening schemes
Where a high quality face finish is required


As the soil nails are installed a structural back mesh is placed over the soil nailed slope and held in place with the nail plates and retaining nuts. Once the soil nailed slope and back mesh are installed to finished proposed ground level, the diaphragms and a front mesh are installed from the bottom of the slope up to the top. The soil panels, which are typically 200mm deep, are either filled with top soil or stone as the build progresses.

The soil panel installations we carry out are typically with our colleagues from Keller who undertake the soil nailing operations. This provides the client with all operations under one contract with one company. 


Quick and easy to install
Soil filled option allows for deeper planting thickness that other solutions
Protection of soil nail elements