CCG (Scotland) Ltd are the main contractor working for West Dunbartonshire Council on their project at Bonhill near Alexandria, where they are building 26 highly energy efficient homes for social rent. The sloping site meant that some substantial retaining walls were required, with Phi Group's expertise utilised to full effect.

Phi Group's BBA Certified Permacrib timber crib system was chosen as the method of retention as it is sustainable, cost effective, quick to construct and aesthetically pleasing. Our Dunfermline office were involved at an early stage to provide design assistance and ensure the site was effectively used and the most buildable solution employed.

When complete there will be four Permacrib walls constructed with a total length of 285m, a maximum retained height of nearly 4.0m and a face area of 850m2. As part of our works we also supplied and placed the granular backfill material, supplied and installed the attractive fencing to the top of the Permacrib wall and the climb prevention mesh to the front face.

Works are progressing well and our excellent working relationship with CCG (Scotland) Ltd continues.


Permacrib timber crib retaining Wall
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